A Reseller is a type of business that buys products and services of a company directly or from a distributor and then sells them to customers and end users.

 In the IT sector, these products and services can be computers, software programs, or services that resellers act as an intermediary in the process of distribution. Typically many resellers serve as retailers while others add some features or bundle complementary services and products to core services to provide greater value for end-users.
In order to facilitate reselling its services, Pazila provides some special features in addition to it's core capabilities.

 To be more precise, resellers in Pazila have their own panel and put their own name on Pazila’s services. So customization of services and having their brand together make resellers unique and competitive.

Resellers can manage their relationships with customers and analyze their marketing campaigns through Pazila's unique features. 
There are a lot of services in Pazila that can be resold. Two major of these services are DIY and pre-developed modules and websites. it’s worth saying again that these modules and websites can be developed by Pazila or resellers themselves.