There are a very large number of freelance websites around the world. Most of these websites are general and are a means for connecting freelancers and employers.

 Although some of them are very popular and provide many features to enhance user experience, there are a few that provide tools and features for completing a project. In fact, it is unreasonable for a freelance platform to provide tools and features for developing all projects due to the variety of types and requirements of every project.
But if a freelance platform is working in a special field and the scope of projects is distinctive, providing means for developing freelance projects in addition to connecting freelancers and employers is somehow reasonable.

 For example, if you are a freelance platform and projects in your website are about designing UI/UX, it is affordable to provide tools needed for UI/UX design. Pazila Developer helps freelancers in the field of software and website development to catch projects and more important than that, develop them quickly at the lowest cost. 

As many common features and modules of software programs are developed before, freelance developers can use them very easily and focus just on custom features that employers need. This can save a lot of time for them and enhance the quality of their product because existing capabilities are tested and have the highest amount of efficiency. Furthermore, Pazila tools make developing new features as easy as possible.