Pazila provides a lot of tools to make your development easy and the need for programming minimum. In addition to this, we established an academy for novice programmers and even for people with no programming knowledge to make them very professional developers.

Pazila experienced team and professional instructors design a custom journey for Eager programming applicants and teach them at every step and level of their progress. In fact, Pazila involves students in real projects and teaches whatever they need according to their carrier objectives. With clear KPIs and assessing the level of progress, their path will be justified. Pazila tries to introduce new professional developers to the sector. Every student who passes the courses successfully, receives a certificate. This certificate will be shown in their Pazila profile. This can more convince employers to leave their projects to you on Pazila Developer. Moreover having Pazila’s certificate means you can get hired very easily by different companies because it shows your practical experiences and projects too.