Everyone can develop! Using low-code strategy

Low code and no-code software development: Design, Config, Done!

• Empowering all businesses with the power of digital technologies demands the development of the required software solutions.

• Using Pazila we envision a world where everyone can be a software developer!

Pazila Software Factory : We have changed the game!

Main features: 

• Visual Editor
• Automation 
• DevSecOps 
• DSMLs 
• Code Generators 
• Cloud-ready architecture


Cloud-based services or enterprise 

Pazila Roles: how to become a Pazila Master?


• Pazila provides a customized studio for citizen developers (called Pazila Man).
• Every element in the UI is a component developed by a Pazila Developer which has been published in Pazila Store.
• Pazila follows the micro-frontend and micro-kernel architectural patterns.